Saving a snapshot of your brain

Hello World.

I am starting this newsletter to improve myself. I want to capture and publicize what is going on in my brain—saving a snapshot of my current thoughts. If I do this on a regular basis, the future me could visualize my growth by simply skimming these “snapshots”.

I have no intention to become an influencer. I am here writing for my future self.

Dumping one’s current mental state on paper is nothing novel. It is called journaling. However, one characterizing constraint of journaling is privacy—journals are supposed to be personal.

I developed a journaling habit throughout my college years. No matter where I am, I always have my journal book with me. I love jotting down my thoughts and takeaways from books I read. I also use my journal book to track my ideas.

Not to mention that my pen-and-paper journal book is full of cryptic graphs and random bullet points. This newsletter will be another “view” of my journal book—I won’t stop my pen-and-paper journaling habit, but I will publish some of my journal entries here. I believe publicizing my journal entries, reformulating these thoughts into a language that is suitable for a general audience, would better help me visualize my growth.

Here is the plan. I will try to publish a post on this newsletter every day. Every post in this newsletter will capture my value and thoughts at the time of writing. These posts could be as short as a couple of paragraphs, or they could sound completely meaningless. This is fine because in this newsletter I write for my future self, not to be useful.

Edit (Aug 6, 2020): I decided to write on an ad hoc basis. But I will try my best to publish at least three posts a week.