My identity

A reflection

Lawrence Pan

Around a month ago, I made a new page on my website to track the books I read, to develop a reading habit. I want to understand the world better, to broaden my horizon, and most importantly, to form my own opinions, my identity. I believe reading books, getting perspectives directly from the subject-matter experts, is one great way of doing so.

What is your identity? What defines you? The answer probably differs by person. I think how one defines himself depends on what matters to him the most. An aspiring artist’s identity is her Instagram profile. An avid League of Legends gamer’s identity is his ranking.

One’s identity is based on what she cares about the most. I also believe the vice versa. We could uncover our top values from how we perceive our identity.

I am striving to develop a reading habit because I want to be able to think for myself, to form my own view of the world, and to establish my identity. My identity is defined by how I view the world through a clear lens.